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DISCLAIMER: Suggestions by PCI and its affiliates or its dealers for possible end uses, and for installation techniques, are made solely for the convenience of the customer and for their choice and are not intended to, and shall not imply any representation or warranties since the manner of use and handling are beyond our control.

Precision Converters, Inc.


a South Carolina manufacturer

PCI is a custom manufacturer of nonwoven composites and laminates. We market our products through quality distributors that span the globe. Our customers range in size from mom-and-pop supply houses to corporate retailers.

Our products are sold into the following industries: construction, industrial manufacturing, automotive, safety, janitorial, agricultural, medical, grocery, transportation, spill control, environmental, marine, and many others. Please contact us today to learn how easy it is to join PCI’s network of quality distributors. We will get you in touch with a sale representative from the appropriate division.

- spunbond polypropylene

- spunbond polyester

- chembond rayon

- chembond rayon/polyester

- wetlay polyester

- needlepunched polypropylene

- needlepunched polyester

- fine fiber meltblown polypropylene

construction  -  filtration  -  agricultural  -  sorbents  -  safety  -  flood control